Roof Curbs

Non-structural floan curbs are available for roof-top units weighing less than 300 pounds for the standing seam roof panels and 1200 pounds for the classic roof panels. Floating curbs come with the profile of the roof panels and are a ached to the roof with screws and 2 ½” tape masc around the perimeter of the curb flashing. The roof unit model number and manufacturer are used when ordering the curbs. The roof panels are only available unpainted but can be field painted to match the desired roof color.

Frame Openings

We can provide framed openings in any desired size as a standard. Framed openings for standard walkdoors are field located, this means that we provide the frame and cover trim and they are located anywhere in the building. Framed openings for overhead doors and hanger doors are factory located, this means that we provide the frame (cold form or hot roll) and cover trim. They are then assembled at the factory at any specified location. Overhead framed openings range in width from 8’-0” to over 50’-0” and any desired height.


Partition can be any length and height as required. The standard partition shall consist of columns and girts and will have 28 gauge, Polar White (PW) Classic Wall Panel with matching trim on the walls and ceiling. Transverse or partitions that are parallel to the main frame lines are located 1’-4” away from the centerline of the main frame. Standard girt spacing for the partition shall not exceed 10’-0” when no frame openings or walkdoors are required in the partition. When walkdoors are in the partition wall, a girt will be placed at 7’-6” above floor finish.

Eave / Rake Extensions

Eave and rake extensions are available with any building. The standard eave or rake extension projecons are 2’-0” and 4’-0”. Other eave or rake extensions can be provided up to 10’-0”. The standard eave or rake extension is an extension of the roof purlin system allowing the profile of the roof system to remain the same. The eave and rake extension are completely enclosed with soffit panels. Soffit materials consist of the Classic Wall Panel as a standard to allow for a cleaner flashing condition.


Canopies can be provided to offer a great aesthetic as well as functional option to a steel building. Our canopies can be made to be at the eave or below the eave. The structural beam of the canopy is left exposed within the soffit system. At eave or below eave canopies can be provided with any roof panel. Standard soffit panel configuration shall be the Classic Wall Panel. In a below eave canopy, we shall consider the possibility of snow drift in the design of the building.

Personnel Door Canopies

Personnel Door Canopies
Our personnel door canopies extend above doorways to keep those entering or exiting your metal building protected from rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. These canopies are available in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes, to suit your individual building’s aesthetic. They are also engineered to stand strong against extreme wind and snow loads.

Personnel Door Canopies Specifications

Prismatic Skylights

Prismatic Skylights are designed to optimize lighting performance at low angles – with no moving parts. The resulting performance provides better quality light for the maximum hours per day. NBS prismatic skylights allow 100% diffusion and transmit 35% more light than conventional skylights – virtually eliminating hot spots and glare within your building.


The Ecospan® Composite Floor System is an economical, innovative method of providing all steel and open web structural components for mezzanines in metal buildings. Easy to install, Ecospan mezzanines incorporate the benefit of open web configuration with maximum joist spacing that provides more vertical space allowing for design and installation flexibility of the HVAC and electrical systems within your building.

RIdge Vents

Continuous ridge vent

Our ridge vents are the Standard Ridge Vents and the Low Profile Ridge Vents. These ridge vents are designed for maximum gravity-type ventilation. Finishes for the ridge vents are Polar White (PW) and Galvalume. Other colors are available at an additional charge. The ridge vents are available for the CFR Standing Roof Panel and the Classic Roof Panel. The ridge vent nominal length is 10’-0”. They have flat skirts on both sides and are attached to the ribs of the roof panels. Ridge vents are available with 9” and 12” throats and bird screens are provided as a standard. Ridge vents can be placed at 5’-0” apart or continuous. Ridge vent dampers are manually operated through the activation of a pull bar and are spring-loaded to remain in the open position until the pull bar is operated and locked in the closed position.

Translucent Panels

Translucent Panels are available for the CFR Standing Seam Roof Panels and the Classic Roof Panels. The panels are available in standard 5-‘0” and 10’-0” lengths. The metal portion of the panel comes in Polar White (PW), SP (Silicone Polyester). The translucent part can be insulated or non-insulated. The CFR Translucent Panels are available to fit purlin or joist spacing between 5’-6” or 6”-0” and are hand crimp the full length of the panel. The Classic Roof Translucent Panels are available to fit purlin or joist spacing between 5’-0” or 5”-6” and are field installed with self-drilling screws. Translucent panels are recommended to be installed 15’-0” from the low eave and every for panels. Wall Translucent panels are also available for the Classic Wall Panels in standard 5-‘0” and 10’-0” lengths. These panels are commonly used in lieu of the roof translucent panels.